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      Jiangmen Pengcheng Helmets Ltd. (JPH) is a Hong Kong-owned enterprise.The company is located in the scenic town of Guangdong Province, Heshan City, the territory of republic, with a total area of 270,000 square meters, serving more than 1,200 employees, including senior technical staff and managers accounted for 20% of the total number of employees.
      Jiangmen Pengcheng Helmets Ltd. (JPH)  to produce high-end motorcycle helmets and racing helmets based.Products are exported to Europe, America and around the world.Company’s annual export volume more than 2 million with an annual production value of over billion.Jiangmen Pengcheng Helmets Ltd. (JPH)  has become China’s largest production base of helmet.
      Pengcheng company holds "quality-oriented, pioneering and innovative" ideas, and constantly develop new products, efforts to improve product quality.Intensify the training in the internal talent, willing to spend huge sums of money to hire a professional designer to foreign companies, product design innovation, has always lead the trend of a helmet; in quality management, since 2001, the company introduced the ISO9001 quality management system.In order to product quality and excellence, specifically from Japan to hire a professional quality management talent as the company’s director of quality.Today Jiangmen Pengcheng Helmets Ltd. (JPH)  has passed the certification by the British company’s UKAS accredited ISO9001: 2008 quality management system, really "or not do it, do the do the best" production purposes.
      "High-quality, efficient, safe, low-cost" is the Pengcheng the company’s production philosophy.To create a more perfect product, Pengcheng the company will not only have a computer full-automatic injection molding machine, automatic spraying production line, EPS Germany’s most advanced production equipment, but also from Canada, purchased the world’s most advanced helmet safety testing equipment.Ensure the safety performance of each of helmets for the safety of the consumers provide a strong guarantee.At present the company produces Pengcheng helmet has been made in the European ECE R22.05 standard, EN1077 standard, EN1078 standard, EN1384 standard, Brazil NBR7471 standards, the U.S. DOT FMVSS218 standards, SNELL 2010 standard, CPSC standard, MS standard, Malaysia, Singapore, SGP Standard South Korean KS standard, Taiwan CNS standard, Japanese JIS T 8133:2007 standards, the Australian AS1698: 2006 standard, GB811-1998 standard.
      Pengcheng the company after years of hard work, is holding people-oriented, innovative and never give up the spirit of the created one of the most outstanding team, the team owned by everyone in the kind of diligent, brave and not afraid of difficulties, proactive and never give up the spirit to become the company’s most valuable asset.
      Looking Pengcheng, a film company of trees, a modernized plant, a staff dormitory building blocks of beautiful and caretakers apartment, bright and clean the staff canteen, open bright stadium lights.Everywhere show Pengcheng beautiful, touching style, and build a new generation of Pengcheng person is beautiful, warm home!
TEL:0086-750-8309933   FAX:0086-750-8309228    529728
ADD:Seventh No. 01, Dongsheng Road, Gonghe Town, Heshan City, Guangdong Province, P.R. China
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