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       Jiangmen Pengcheng Helmets Ltd. (JPH) President, under the leadership of Mr. Liao Haotian, after years of development, is holding the people-oriented spirit, depending on the companys employees as the greatest wealth, forming the core of Pengchengs unique culture: heart in Pengcheng, loyal to Pengcheng, blessing in Pengcheng.
       Pengcheng company is like a big family, each one depending on the companys employees brothers and sisters.Pengcheng live every employee at all times be able to feel the warmth from this family.Mr. Liao Haotian, president of the companys staff meeting stated: "Pengcheng company is not what the individual, but all of us.s Where everyone must be their best work. Because in Pengcheng work The quality is not what the individual things, but of all things, bearing each a small family in this familys lives. but our responsibility is to maintain the stability of family life, more than 1000. "
       Mr. Liao Haotian president is not only a say so, but also to do so.Employees in order to create a good living and working environment.Company spends a few million dollars to the factory and living areas a comprehensive greening, build the company into a tree-lined, flower-decked garden.
       Excellent staff also organized every year out of tourism; as husband and wife are staff working in the company to provide couples dormitories, staff quarters for each installation of air-conditioning; monthly staff birthday birthday gift money or gift distribution; every holiday for the staff snacks; equipped with a library, karaoke OK, on a regular basis for employees to play movies.
       In addition, the company also has a basketball court, badminton court, table tennis room, leisure and fitness areas and so on ...... so that every one Pengcheng employee during his free time to rest, have fun.
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