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      Jiangmen Pengcheng Helmets Ltd. (JPH) has always been the customer’s interests first, will protect the lives and safety of consumers as their sacred mission.To this end the company as early as 2000, spent several million dollars from Canada and purchased the most advanced testing equipment, set up its own testing center.Start from product development to production shipment of helmet safety performance at all stages of testing.
      Today Pengcheng’s Test Center has developed into the world’s top-class helmet and Testing Center.It consists of foam testing equipment (2 sets), helmet pointing device (1 station), Lens testing equipment (set), cap with testing equipment (2 sets), the impact of testing equipment (3 sets), penetration testing equipment (2 sets ), roll testing equipment (2 sets), deformation test equipment (1 units), etc., worth tens of millions of laboratory equipment.For the European ECE R22.05 standard, EN1077 standard, EN1078 standard, EN1384 standard, Brazil NBR7471 standards, the U.S. DOT FMVSS218 standards, SNELL 2010 standard, CPSC standard, MS standard, Malaysia, Singapore, SGP criteria, South Korea KS standard, Taiwan CNS standard, Japan JIS T 8133:2007 standards, the Australian AS1698: 2006 standard, GB811-1998 standards for many countries and regions, helmet safety standards for testing.
     Jiangmen Pengcheng Helmets Ltd. (JPH) Testing Center in the German TUV Certification Center of the audit, the smooth passage of ISO/IEC17025: 2005 certification of the laboratory and achieved certification in 2007.Present Pengcheng helmet testing center has been in Spain and Germany TUV certification center authorized to direct the bulk testing helmets.
      Pengcheng helmet testing center’s technical staff strictly abide by: Customer as the center, testing services, abide by the honesty, the principle of fairness test results.Public in good faith, accept supervision of laboratory accreditation bodies.Continuous improvement in their work, in order to respect life and work hard.

Lens astigmatism / refraction testing equipment
Model: Lens astigmatism / refraction testing equipment
Equipment Location: Italy
ECE R22.05 standards for Europe, Australia, AS1698: 2006 standard lens detection.
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