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JIANGMEN PENGCHENG HELMETS LTD (JPH)is located in Gonghe Town, Heshan City, Guangdong Prov. since 1990. The company is mainly producing the high-quality motorcycle helmets and apparels and sell over 90 countries and regions of the world, and owned over 10,000 shops. With over 2,000,000 helmets production and exportation, the annual turnover is over thousands of millions RMB.

Adhering to QUALITY-FIRST & INNOVATIVE concepts, the company invested a lot on the helmet’s development & innovation, endeavor to improve the quality, and strive to build a national brand. We keep devoting efforts on own team improvement, and also take all the efforts to introduce the fresh designs from western designers, so that LS2 can be the fastest helmet brand on the earth.

With the diligent, fearless, innovative spirits of our employees, our company is already developing to the world biggest and professional motorcycle helmets manufacturing base, meanwhile, LS2 being a new landmark is a reference for the worldwide helmets industry.

Company benefits:

Under the leadership of Mr. Liao, President of the Pengcheng Helmets Ltd., with many years of development, adhering to the people-oriented spirit, as the company's employees as the greatest wealth, formed the unique cultural core of Pengcheng company: wholehearted in Pengcheng, loyal to Pengcheng, benefit from Pengcheng.

Pengcheng company is like a big family, treats every employee as sibling. Be in every part of the company, every worker can feel the warmth of home all the time. "Pengcheng is not owned by any one person, but by all of us," Mr. Liao, the company's President, said at the company's staff meeting. Everyone in the company has to do their best. Because the good or bad work in Pengcheng is no longer a personal issue, but relates to everyone, relates to the life of each small family in this big family. And our responsibility is to maintain stability in the lives of over a thousand families."

President Liao not only said that, but also did so. In order to create a good living and working environment for company employees. The company spent several million yuan on a comprehensive greening of the factory and living areas, and built the company into a large garden with trees and flowers.
The company also organizes trips for excellent employees to travel every year, providing dormitory for couples working in the company, install air conditioning in each dormitory, give birthday gifts or money to employees who celebrate their birthday every month, every holiday get extra meals for employees, equip with library, karaoke, and play movies for employees regularly.

In addition, the company also built a basketball court, badminton court, table tennis room, leisure and fitness venues and so on... Makes every employee have a good rest and have fun after work.

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