Company Culture

Cultural core of Pengcheng:

Wholehearted in Pengcheng, loyal to Pengcheng, benefit from Pengcheng.

The specific connotation of core values:

1. Wholehearted in Pengcheng: as a member of Pengcheng family, since you have chosen Pengcheng, your personal goal and the future of the enterprise are closely linked together, and you devote yourself wholeheartedly to the helmet career.

2. Be loyal to Pengcheng: trusting in the enterprise and being loyal to the enterprise are the noble virtues of Pengcheng people, which fully reflects the values and professional ethics of Pengcheng people, and she embodies the noble feelings of Pengcheng people to repay the company and society with high-quality products.

3. Benefit from Pengcheng: "benefits" is the cultural combination of material civilization and spiritual civilization in Pengcheng. All members of Pengcheng family can enjoy a good living and working environment. Pengcheng has a large number of honest customers, and Pengcheng company provides a stable employment platform for employees.

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