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Here at LS2 we think of safety,design and functionalitywhen we design our range. The creation of a new helmetis a very specialized affair takingin many different areasof technology.
Our designers, engineers andtechnicians are all passionateabout motorcycling and when designing and producinga new helmet they usethis knowledge and passion to create a range of helmetswhich are better than the last.
Each LS2helmet, either in Carbon, HPFC,KPA or HPTT is composed of three main elements, the external shell, an internalshock absorbing EPS and numerous accessoriessuch as comfort linings, retentionsystems, visor and more.


Carbon Fibre is a material used extensively in the aeronautical industry and of course in the highly competitive world of formula 1 and MotoGP. It has incredible strength but it is extremely light.
LS2 uses multiple layers of our exclusive wide-weave carbon fiber for a very light, but strong shell that handles impacts in the most efficient and safe way.


High Performance Fibre Composite is a carefully layered blend of a unique weave of fibers pre-impregnate with resign into a strong, ultra lightweight, but rigid shell that accepts an impact whiledispersing energy for a safer ride。
A proprietary blend of polycarbonate, spaceage thermoplastics and additional materialsspecially formulated by LS2, KPA: KineticPolymer Alloy, offers ultra-light weight andhigh penetration resistance, but with someflexibility for the ultimate in energy dispersion.This special formula meets both ECE 22.05 and DOT requirements.


In an exclusive process developed by ourresearchers named HPTT (High Pressure Thermoplastic Technology) a mix of ABSis injected in moulds. The moulds used in this high precision industrial processare sculpted from blocks of metal weighingseveral hundred kilos.
Perfect vision is essential to ensuresafety on the road. For this reason all our visors are built with a 3D OpticallyCorrect "A Class" Polycarbonate, a material with high resistanceto impact, that avoids distortion andoffers maximum clarity.
Additionally, most of our helmetsare available with an integrated sunvisor, making them suitable for anykind of ride.
The design of the external shellof our helmets takes advantage ofseveral aerodynamic principles touse wind energy in favor of the riderboth professional and amateur.
The shape of the shell and ventilationports helps to maintain stability while driving and to renew theair inside the helmet efficiently.


Engineers and developers at LS2look at the needs of the marketevery day and are always on thequest for new technology to incorporateinto our products.
We still however maintain ourprinciple of making such technologyaffordable for the greatestnumber of riders. Therefore eachhelmet we produce benefit is fromthis work ethic making each helmetfunctional for those who rideeveryday.
Each new model is the fruit of manyhours of study analyzing every minute detail of the shell: the strength of hisstructure, comfort, aerodynamics and ventilation.
Each step has the goal to develop aproduct in accordance with each potentialuser that requires from his helmetthe maximum level of quality, comfortand style. This is the reason why LS2can boast worldwide patents on specialmoulding materials andtechnical solutions. The ultimate touch on the development process is given by thecreatives who, by interpreting the most current style and trends of the moment,propose a variety of graphics and colorsable to satisfy a wide range of users,male and female, young and adult.


Once a shell has been removed from its mold it is checked by our technical expertsto make sure it meets our exacting standards. The shell is then coated with severallayers of the base colour paint and then the graphics are applied by hand using decalsplaced by our skilled manufacturers. Lastly, the helmet is lacquered with an anti UVcoating to ensure the colour remains as good as the first day and to give an extra layer of protection to all the materials beneath.
The final assembly of a helmet is thenundertaken by a technician who follows a strict process for fitting the EPSliner, retention strap and visor mechanism.And finally the comfort liner anduser instructions. Each helmet thenhas a final quality check before beingboxed ready for dispatch.
To ensure good protection the helmetmust fit your head to perfection, special attention should bepaid to the shell shape designand materials to minimize theeffects of a possible impact. Itis key to obtain a perfect fit to your head from outside to inside,as well as the shell, the configuraciónof the EPS liner, whichshould match closely the humanhead shape.
The new graphics of LS2's 2020 collectioninclude a series of special prints that meetthe aesthetic needs of a market which isbecoming more and more demanding interms of original, creative products basedupon the constant appearance of newtrends and lifestyles.Perhaps the most surprising visual elementis the iridescent effect used on theblack surface of the Swipe graphic on theFF397 VECTOR EVO which causes reflectedlight to change colors depending upon theangle from which the shell is viewed. Byapplying this technique, a striking varietyof colors of the rainbow can be created.
This sophisticated series gives to our helmets a special value and an elegant singularity, where all the details have been taken into account. The helmets belonging to our "black series" are exclusively made in black: a path through different textures and finishing in keeping with the appearance of the helmet.

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